NTM Overview

NTM is a family business with great pioneering spirit, innovative thinking and belief in the company's ability, and it has created opportunities and work for five generations. NTM was founded in 1950 and today the NTM Group has over 650 employees. The group continues to grow and creates opportunities for generations to come. 

NTM is today well established as the leading supplier of the types of truck superstructures, trailers and RCVs that it has chosen to focus on. The willingness and ability of the owner family and employees to constantly develop the products and our business have made NTM what it is today. 

Organization chart

The Board

Group CEO

Niclas Pada

Group CFO

Niklas Näsman

Group COO

Thomas Aspelin

Director & General Manager - Trailers

Mats Winter

Director & General Manager - Refuse Collection Vehicles

Tobias Söder

NTM Sverige - Managing Director

Conny Söder

NTM Finland - Managing Director

Kurt-Erik Nordin

NTM Entsorgungssysteme - Managing Director

Dirk Schernes

NTM Baltic - Managing Director

Arno Aasma

NTM North America - Managing Director

Peter Stambro

NTM GB - Managing Director

Grahame Jones