NTM North America Inc.


As a proud subsidiary of the renowned NTM Group, a pioneering force in the European market for automated waste collection vehicles, NTM North America Inc. extends the legacy of innovation and excellence across the Atlantic.

Unlocking Zero Waste

Discover our eco-friendly innovations designed to revolutionize waste management: Emission-Cutting Electric Hybrids: Reducing CO2 emissions for a cleaner environment. Convenient Multi-Purpose Vehicles: Enable at-home sorting, achieving up to 100% waste recycling. Optimal Load Capacity: Minimize emissions and fuel use with superior cargo capacity. Experience the shift towards zero waste.


Embrace Zero Emission

NTM Zero Emission Solutions are tailored to meet diverse customer needs. Our electric and gas-powered chassis provide sustainable options for those transitioning to low-emission solutions. With increasing deliveries of our Electric Hybrid Solutions and full electric chassis, we're driving significant reductions in emissions. Join us in the journey towards a greener, cleaner future.

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