UNO has been developed specifically for under ground waste collection.

NTM’s UNO offers, as an alternative to other products on the market, a solution with an under ground structure that combines
simplicity with outstanding loading capacity.

The pendulum and tipping system allow for a 2000 kg additional waste load compared to a similar vehicle with corresponding dimensions.

UNO can also be carried out in order to be able to empty roll containers present in the route.

All hydraulic cylinders are located outside of the refuse container in order to minimize maintenance cost and ensure increased reliability. The garbage container can als obe adjusted and adapted with the length of the chassis.

The UNO is designed for 3-axis and 4-axis vehicles.


  • 1. Skåptömning med tipp
  • 2. Sack lift
  • 3. Different box options
  • 4. Weighting equipment
  • 5. Auto lube
  • 6. Hydraulic oil heater
  • 7. Senmi-automatic bin lift
  • 8. Bin lift
  • 9. Rear view camera
  • 10. Pendelkomprimering
  • 11. Footboards


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