Standard Model

High quality & reliability coupled with low life cycle costs make the KG a refuse collector worth investing in.

The KG standard model can be mounted to 18t-26t chassis.

The NTM KG body can be adapted to fit different chassis types & wheelbases to give you optimum payload capacity.

Standard features include-: Lever controlled bin lift and winch, push button controlled carriage & packer plates, lever operated packing controls and pressure & flow-compensated hydraulic system.

The NTM KG offers users; minimum down time periods, reliable components and reduced servicing requirements.


Organic waste often causes sanitary problems, bad odours and stench when emptying, this contributes to a poor work environment.

Based on the original model, the KG, we have developed the KGBH, which is fitted with a closed tailgate and efficient ventilation.

The operator's work environment can be further improved with a high loading height.

The KGBH is the obvious choice with regard to environmental friendliness and dust-free emptying.


  • 1. Bin lift
  • 2. Enclosed hopper
  • 3. Different box options
  • 4. Bio equipment
  • 5. Sack lift
  • 6. Hydraulic oil heater
  • 7. Auto lube
  • 8. Senmi-automatic bin lift
  • 9. Demountable body
  • 10. Automac compaction cycle
  • 11. Weighting equipment
  • 12. Winch
  • 13. Footboards
  • 14. Rear view camera
  • 15. Clearing of packer plate
  • 16. Variable pump
  • 17. Lever manoeuvring of packing cycle
  • 18. Bin catcher
  • 19. Side access door


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